Sports Courts and Sports Flooring

We furnish and install floors for all your sports flooring application, including weight rooms, locker rooms, aerobic rooms, gymnasiums, common areas, and multi-purpose facilities.Outdoor basketball courts including rubber surfacing, sports court painting and basketball backboards.


Playsites Floor is the most cost effective alternative to hardwood gym floors without compromising quality or durability. This pad and pour system creates a synthetic, seamless surface for all multi-purpose rooms including gym floors, weight rooms, indoor running tracks, locker rooms, aerobics rooms, and flooring for any area where a sturdy, seamless, shock absorbent athletic surface is required.

Playsites Vinyl

Playsites Vinyl is an attractive rolled vinyl flooring product that is easy to install and maintain. If you are looking for a real wood appearance without the expense, this is the best option available for you. Suitable for gymnasiums, locker rooms, yoga or aerobics studios, equipment rooms, common areas and more. Playsites Vinyl offers many options and benefits

Playsites Aqua

Playsites Aqua is our wet area flooring product perfect for locker rooms, pool areas, and anywhere cleanliness, hygiene, waterproofing, and safety are important. Playsites Aqua is a textured rolled vinyl flooring product perfect for barefoot traffic areas such as poolside, steam rooms, whirlpool areas, and shower areas. Playsites Aqua LR is a smooth, yet slip-resistant waterproof floor ideal for soft-soled, high traffic areas like the locker room, corridors, common areas, and more.


Playsites Rubber Deck

Playsites Rubber Deck is our most durable sports flooring product and can withstand repeated battering by dropped weights. This super shock absorbent Earth-friendly flooring is made from the highest quality recycled rubber and colorful EPDM flecks.


Playsites Premier Play

Playsites Premier Play premier rubber flooring is our most durable and versatile modular sports flooring product. These ultra tough tiles are as attractive as they are strong, making them the perfect solution for weight rooms, cardiovascular rooms, aerobic rooms, common areas, swimming areas, locker rooms, rehabilitation……….