Poured in place safety surfaces are becoming the surface of choice for public and private schools, parks, and daycare centers. What exactly is a poured in place safety surface? Traditionally, playground surfaces have consisted of a ground fill of wood chips or sand, both of which are materials that are prone to long and short term problems. In the short term, it is impossible to maintain a smooth şişli escort 
and trip-free surface in playgrounds that do not have the poured in place safety features that we offer.

A poured in place rubber safety surface is completely smooth, with no uneven rises or falls because even though you see designs and colors, the finished product becomes one large surface, which cannot be kicked out from under foot. Although it may look like asphalt, the feel is entirely different. The minute you step or bounce on a poured in place safety surface you will notice how high the shock absorbency is, all while providing stable footing. The fact that the surface is completely level and will remain so makes the playground more accessible and safer for children and individuals with special needs and mobility challenges, in fact for all children.

Unlike wood chips, which end up being kicked out escort şişli
from under children’s feet, exposing a hard surface beneath, izmit escort a poured in place safety surface stays as even and resilient as the day it was poured, for years to come. Be sure to ask about our up to 10 year guarantee. A playsites + surfaces expert team will bring our 114 years of combined experience in safety surface installation to evaluate and prepare your site. We personally handle all the work through our trained company employees and do not sub-contract out to less experienced workers.

Yet another advantage? Our poured in place rubber safety surface can be customized to the colors, designs and shapes that best fit you! Choose your school or town colors, mascots, or any other design you would like to see. Make your playground surface look and feel great by picking the safest play surface available.