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Depending upon the various types of playground safety surfacing we offer, you have several choices on how to prepare your site properly to maximize the life of your playground.  Concrete, compacted aggregate, asphalt or even soil in some instances will work depending upon your surfacing selection.  Our surfacing specialists can furnish all the information you need to make the best choice.
Of course, we can offer you a wide range of colors in a variety of shapes.  We can even add logos, games such as hopscotch and 4 square to increase the play value for the children while all the while maintaining their safety!!
Contact us today to discuss your project with one of our surfacing professionals.  We’ll be able to determine which product will work best for your needs, budgets, and dreams!!  You’ll be able to find out what’s needed to make your plans a reality and provide a safe, economical and durable playground safety system
Each project is custom-designed to meet your exact specifications. From the budget-conscious to the extravagant, we can find a solution that meets your needs.
Call us to discuss your project.  Our sales team will review your requirements, inspect your site, and work with you on a plan that meets your needs.
Our products are installed by trained company employees with years of experience.  To assure that the surfacing is installed to specifications, and to get our full warranty, we do not recommend installation by anyone else than a Playsites Plus crew.