Budget Poured Rubber

  • Economical
  • For low usage 2-5 playgrounds
  • Great value for private residences

Perfect for smaller toddler (ages 2-5) playgrounds, and residential playgrounds or any private playground with light usage. This is not recommended for public playgrounds or for unsupervised facilities. Budget Poured Rubber consists of a 1 layer system manufactured on site.

The material is a post-consumer recycled shredded rubber mixed with a polyurethane binder and a pigment is added to the mixture to produce the color desired.

The material is hand troweled into place which provides the flexibility of installing the rubber into irregular shapes and areas found in many playground spaces. 

Budget Poured Rubber can be installed over most hard surfaces including concrete, asphalt, brick pavers, roof membranes and compacted aggregates and soils.


Company Employee Installers (OSHA Certified) install our products as sub-contractors are never used.

Recycled materials to help preserve the environment.

Up to 2 year warrantees are offered.

Minimal maintenance is required for our budget poured rubber safety surface. We offer annual inspections and certified maintenance programs which will extend the life of your surfacing.

Our various thicknesses are tested by independent laboratories to meet the criteria for proper fall height protection.  ASTM standards and Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines are met or exceeded for the fall height rating (ASTM 1292-09).


      Terra Cotta                                       Green                                             Blue

Colors may vary due to monitor settings.

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